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Random Thoughts Thursday: It Makes Sense in My Head

  • I think it’s Thursday.
  • The sun and warm temps have me confused as to what day it is, what season it is. It’s almost hot out there!
  • That means traffic delays due to pothole repair crews.
  • I have never been so happy to see men with asphalt as I was today. The craters! Fill the craters!
  • Some of the craters are so deep, if you peer into them, you can see Chinese people waving back at you.
  • I saw a picture on some social media outlet that showed Stonehenge on top and the Easter Island heads on the bottom of the world, as if it’s the same structure sticking out of two opposite sides of the earth (heads and feet, apparently).
  • Boy, sometimes, it’s difficult to explain something in words that you can see clearly in your mind’s eye.
  • The Olympics are almost over. Is it just me or were they just meh this time?
  • Bob Costas may have had pink eye, but I alas apparently did not have Olympic Fever.
  • Shame, too, as I believe the cure for any fever… is more cowbell.
  • A dog barks.
  • His owner yells at him for barking.
  • Two louds don’t make a silence!
  • Dammit, dog, this is America! Speak American!
  • ha
  • Or as he would say, RUFF!


I'm a writer who loves to laugh and smile. :-)

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