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Random Thoughts Thursday: True love for ‘True Detective’

  • I’ve watched the inaugural episode of HBO’s True Detective four times.
  • Ob.Sessed. Already.
  • I hope the rest of the eps are as good.
  • The “season” is only 8 weeks.
  • The countdown to sadness is on.
  • It’s not often TV is worthwhile.
  • Mostly it’s just annoying.
  • You know that noise when someone is watching TV and they have it up loud, but not loud enough that you can hear words. You only hear that murmur and bass… like a fly buzzing that you can hear, but can’t find and/or kill.
  • Buzzkill.
  • You see what I did there?
  • I have 14 books out from the library.
  • Why not?
  • I know you’re thinking, “You could be watching TV.”
  • I should have taken out the TV Guide (magazines at my library circulate!).
  • Do they still print TV Guide?
  • Quick Internet check… Yep! And it can be yours for only 29 cents an issue.
  • That might be worth the investment.
  • Reading the entire magazine involves less time than actually watching TV shows.
  • And I quoteth Barnard Hughes, Grandpa, in The Lost Boys: “Read the TV Guide, you don’t need a TV.”
  • But then I’d miss my new favorite show.
  • And round and round I go.
  • Where I’ll stop: on HBO. 🙂


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